Pay disputes may arise in several types of circumstances.

Sometimes, teachers new to DoE may experience a delay in the commencement of pay. Initially, you can approach the HR manager in your school. He or she can assist you by ensuring timely submission of documentation, including your contract, to the department’s recruitment staff. You may also contact recruitment and HR staff yourself to speed up the process of payments.

Other disputes may arise when DoE staff are in positions of higher duties and find they are not being paid at the higher rate – details regarding this situation are in resources below.

Another circumstance in which a dispute may arise are when you are absent from work just prior to a stand-down period and are not paid. In this situation, there is a clear departmental policy that you should familiarise yourself with and this can be found in resources also.

Initially, the main government switchboard, 89995511, can assist with giving the correct contacts for your enquiries, including payroll.

If you are still in difficulty, then contact us for advocacy and support. Payroll services will not disclose your personal financial details to us, but we can help to get a response in your case.

We can also help by communicating with your workplace managers if you are experiencing extreme hardship.

How we handle your pay dispute claim:

  1. Communicate with your school HR Manager
  2. If no progress, then try contacting payroll directly
  3. Contact us if we can assist with or clarify anything you have been told

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