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Help ensure every Australian child gets a high quality education

Gonski funding is designed to ensure that every Australian child, no matter what their background, can get a high quality education. This funding began in 2014, after the independent Gonski Review warned too many children were missing out on the education they needed due to a lack of resources.

Why should you give a Gonski?


Northern Territorians have shown their support for Gonski education reform. Join them today!

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Why is the Gonski plan under threat?

The review, headed by respected businessman, David Gonski, said Australia was under-investing in education and not delivering funded to where it was needed most.

Under the Gonski plan, all schools are funded according to the individual needs of their students and what is required to educate them to a high level.

Two big problems

  1. The Giles Government in the NT has refused to sign up to Gonski;
  2. The federal Coalition Government is refusing to honour, in full, the Gonski agreements signed with five states and territories, and wants to tear up the agreements in 2017 and stop delivering to all governments the needs-based Gonski funding.

Know the facts

What we're doing

With NT and federal elections due soon, in the NT we are focusing our efforts in the electorate of Solomon (Darwin and Palmerston) to get support from the community and politicians for Gonski. We are also encouraging members and supporters to ask members of parliament and candidates in local NT electorates about their stance on Gonski.

What's happening nationally?

Check out the I Give a Gonski website for information about Gonski around Australia and to find useful resources.

How does Gonski affect Northern Territory Education?

We'd benefit the most

The NT would be the biggest beneficiary of Gonski in per student funding terms, because we have so many students who would attract additional loadings due to Indigeneity, remoteness and low socio-economic status.

We've missed out on $200 million in funding

Under the deal offered to the Giles Government in 2013, the NT would have received an extra $200 million in funding in return for making its own additional contribution of $100 million. Adam Giles refused to cough up the extra money and has instead cut recurrent funding to schools.

Education funds are not going where they're needed

After the 2013 federal election, the new education minister Christopher Pyne gave the NT Government an additional $272 million in school funding over four years. The problem is there is no strings attached to the money and it has been diverted from its intended purpose of providing more resources for schools.

Gonski would see funding go to where it's needed

Gonski funding would be a more transparent and accountable approach because it means federal money would be directly allocated to schools - unlike the current arrangement which is "no strings attached".

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