Strike Details

The strike will run from 9am-1pm. Head to school to sign in, then come down to meet us at one of the Unions NT events if you are in Alice, Greater Darwin , or Katherine. Please bring any banners from last time that are still relevant (for example “lose the pay freeze” is no longer applicable)

Darwin: Meet at Raintree Park at 9:30am for a 10:00am march to parliament

Alice: Meet at the Council Lawns at 9:30am for a 10:00am rally

Katherine: Meet at Ryan Park at 9:30am for a 10:00am rally and BBQ

Rural/Remote: Feel free to organise a rally for your sub-branch and/or join us for an all-in Zoom from 11:00am-1:00pm

Join at

Meeting ID: 668 882 5047
Passcode: teacher

Bargaining Updates

  • Bargaining is continuing “in good faith” with a range of measures still under discussion.
  • We expect to receive an offer for an Enterprise Agreement soon. The notification of action has helped (and will continue to help) the bargaining team gain momentum here.
  • We are continuing to push to ensure that whatever percentage pay rise is offered to teachers is the highest it can be. It is our responsibility to secure the best deal possible for you. We continue to advocate strongly for additional improvements to conditions as per our log of claims.
  • Upon the signing of any agreement, salaries would immediately increase accordingly. Full back pay from October 2021 would follow once Fair Work proceedings are completed. The sooner we get an agreement, the sooner you get back paid.

Please note, this information is subject to change as we continue bargaining discussions. Endorsement of any offer is subject to a decision of the AEU NT Branch Executive.

According to OCPE estimations, if a 3% compounding pay rise was offered, the below table provides a snapshot of what increases across the pay scales may look like:



Current Salary
FPP on or after
11 October 2021
FPP on or after
11 October 2022
FPP on or after
11 October 2023
AT 151664532145481056455
AT 256268579565969561486
AT 360271620796394265860
AT 466651686517071072831
AT 571849740047622578511
CT 177047793588173984191
CT 280911833388583888414
CT 384777873208994092638
CT 488641913009403996860
CT 5925059528098139101083
CT 698902101869104925108073
CT 7102768105851109027112297
CT 8106631109830113125116519
CT 9110496113811117225120742
ST 1122220125887129663133553
ST 2127061130873134799138843
ST 3135046139097143270147568
ST 4138868143034147325151745
ST 5148468152922157510162235
ST 6153159157754162486167361
ST 7158586163344168244173291
ST 8165646170615175734181006
PLO 1.1123720127432131255135192
PLO 1.2126195129981133880137897
PLO 2.1127061130873134799138843
PLO 2.2130873134799138843143008
PLO 3.1135046139097143270147568
PLO 3.2141798146052150433154947
PLO 4.1146837151242155779160453
PLO 4.2151242155779160453165266
PLO 5.1156408161100165933170911
PLO 5.2161100165933170911176038
PLO 6.1165965170944176072181354
PLO 6.2170944176072181354186795
PLO 7.1175084180337185747191319
PLO 7.2180336185746191318197058

*** this is not an offer; it is an indication of what a hypothetical 3% increase may look like ***

NT Schools Netball Championships

We do realise that any teachers involved in the NT School Sports Netball Championships this week will find striking difficult given that the event commences on Tuesday and goes through until Thursday afternoon. We understand this puts you in a difficult position. The AEU NT is aware that this event has been postponed multiple times already. Due to this, we are in support of this Territory-wide event continuing as planned.

Year 12 Assessments/Exams

As above! We recognise that we are in a critical point of the year for our Year 12s. Strike action is not compulsory, if you need to invest in your Year 12s, you can still participate by wearing red!

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