Posted on 30 November, 2022

NEW Offer - Make Your Vote Count!

OCPE EA Ballot 1 - 12 December



Message from the President [emailed to all members Friday 25.11.22]

We thank you for your contribution to our bargaining team’s success in pushing the OCPE and NT Government as far as possible during recent negotiations. It has been hard work, but worth it to advocate for what you deserve, and the tireless hours demanded of you to educate students.

Yesterday, you received another offer from the OCPE for a Teachers, Assistant Teachers, and Non-Contract Principals Enterprise Agreement for 2021-2024.

Areas in which we have made good ground include:

  • commitment to full back pay;
  • increased non-contact time for graduates and mentors;
  • the ability to bank FOILs;
  • additional time for professional development;
  • career progression for Assistant Teachers;
  • and formalisation of retention payments for Katherine teachers.

In addition, we have obtained commitments to review teacher workloads and homeland teacher allowances.

However, the AEU remains concerned that wage rises of only 3% per year do not do enough to cater for current cost of living pressures. We would like to see more robust salary increases, which will allow Territory schools to attract new teachers, and retain the quality educators who invest so much of their time and energy into keeping education strong in the NT.

Further details of the offer are contained in the email you have received from the OCPE. The employer-run ballot is scheduled to commence December 1st and will close on December 12th at 2pm. All teachers, assistant teachers and non-contract principals who are employed under the current agreement are eligible to vote.

This is an opportunity to have your opinion heard!

We recognise that our membership contains a diversity of views. As a member-led, democratic organisation we encourage you to make your own decision about this offer. We strongly encourage all eligible members to participate in this ballot. Make your vote count!

Rest assured that whatever the outcome, the AEU will continue to advocate for quality working conditions for all Territory educators. In addition, we are preparing to head into 2023 ready to hold strong conversations around relieving workload pressures and to campaign for a model of funding that recognises our students’ needs and sets them up for success.

We wanted to remind you that our union is strong. Together, we stood up and defeated the 4-year wage freeze. Our strength in solidarity and collective action is clear. We are proud of these efforts and commend the tenacity shown by members.

We appreciate your continued feedback and encourage you to contact the office if you have any questions about the proposed agreement and its implications. 

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