Posted on 18 April, 2019 in Pay and Conditions, Wellbeing

Katherine teacher housing subsidy under threat

Katherine teacher housing subsidy under threat

The implications of the NT Labor Government budget repair strategy will be felt across the Territory. However, we are concerned about the impact a particular decision relating to the Katherine housing subsidy will have on the teachers in Katherine and ultimately students in the region.

We are disappointed that the government has taken this decision with no consultation with your union.

We have already had a number of members contact us in relation to this announcement and this office is seeking the details of what is intended. The AEU NT received no prior consultation relating to this budget decision.

We view this as an unnecessary and damaging strategy. Katherine is one of the hardest to staff locations in the Territory. Cutting this subsidy will take away and important recruitment and retention incentive for teachers. 

More than half of the Katherine region teachers are employed on fixed-term contracts, the highest percentage of any region in the NT. 

Ending the housing subsidy will lead to a negative impact on public schools’ students for a paltry saving of just $500,000. 

We will report further to members on this matter once we have more information from the Minister, the Department and the Commissioner for Public Employment.

We ask that you discuss the impact of this decision with your colleagues in your sub-branches during Week 1 and send member meeting minutes to us.

Read the latest story from the Katherine Times on the Labor governement decision to axe the housing subsidy for Katherine town teachers.

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