Posted on 10 November, 2020 in Pay and Conditions, NT Budget Austerity

Say no to a 4 year wage freeze!

Say no to a 4 year wage freeze!

AEU NT Statement

We were expecting an announcement in today’s budget that annual pay rises would be restricted to $1000 for the next four years, based on the recommendations of the Langoulant report.

What we weren’t expecting was a PAY FREEZE for teachers and all other public sector workers for the next four years.

Instead of a wage increase, eligible public servants will receive an “annual retention bonus” of $1000. Current pay grades will not move one cent.

In simple terms, if you’re a CT9, an ST1 or an A03, you will be on the same salary in 2025 as you are now.

Over the next four years, our teachers will go from being the best paid in the country to among the worst.

The pay freeze will jeopardise efforts to recruit and retain teaching staff, as other jurisdictions offer salary increases of up to 3% p/a.

This harsh wage freeze was kept secret from the public and from the public servants who voted overwhelmingly to return Gunner to government. Now, with the election over, he has sprung this wage freeze on us.

Our union will not lay down and accept a four-year wage freeze. We will mobilise our members in enterprise bargaining next year and fight for a fair and reasonable pay increase for Territory teachers and educators.

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