Posted on 26 March, 2021 in Fair Work Commission, Registered Organisations Commission, Branch Elections

Post-election report - Branch Executive elections

Post-election report - Branch Executive elections

The Australian Electoral Commission acted as the Returning Officer for Branch Executive elections conducted late last year and early this year (E2020/86). Those elections have now concluded. The declaration of results is available here.

Those elected were:

  • Jarvis Ryan: President
  • Michael Pearson: Vice-President (General)
  • Delean Holtz: Vice-President (TAFE)
  • Julie Danvers: Treasurer

Both the Women’s Officer and Indigenous Councillor positions remain vacant due to the only nominee for both positions being elected to higher office. The AEU NT Branch Secretary has notified the Registered Organisations Commission of the need for casual vacancy elections to be conducted for those positions as soon as practicable.

The post-election report and the declaration of results are available to members on request from the Branch Secretary by emailing [email protected].

This information has been published to comply with the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

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