About our training

Training includes your rights as a representative in terms of what you can and can’t legally do in your role. Usually only one sub branch representative will be released from a branch for each course, though it is possible to apply for more to attend.

What does the training include?

A typical day-long course looks like this:

1. Your role as a union representative

  • History and Structure of the AEU NT
  • Rules of the AEU NT
  • How does a sub-branch function?

Morning tea (provided)

2. What are teachers’ working conditions and entitlements?

Understanding laws and agreements:

  • Fair Work Act
  • Public Sector Employment and Management Act
  • Teacher and Educator Enterprise Agreement
  • Teacher Responsibilities Guide

Understanding policies and procedures:

  • NTPS guidelines and Departmental policies

3. Building support for AEU NT campaigns

  • Gonski and school funding
  • Indigenous education 

Lunch (provided)

4. Dealing with conflict in the workplace and supporting members

  • Establishing a relationship with your principal and senior staff
  • Acting as a support person
  • Giving advice and when to seek help

5. Legal rights of workplace delegates

  • What legal protections exist for sub-branch representatives?
  • What are my rights and responsibilities?
  • How does the code of conduct apply to me?
  • Support document: Commissioner’s Guidelines for Working with Unions

6. Recruitment and membership

  • Who can be a member of the AEU NT?
  • How to have a conversation about joining
  • Keeping your sub-branch list up-to-date
  • Non-members and the union

Afternoon tea

7. Communicating and organising in the workplace

  • How to run a successful sub-branch
  • Strategies for involving members
  • Utilising social media and the AEU NT website

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