Some problems can arise that require legal expertise

For existing members, we can provide access to an initial free interview with a trained legal practitioner who can appraise the situation and suggest possible courses of action. This interview usually takes place at the offices of the lawyer or the AEU NT.

Accessing representation and financial assistance

You may choose to whether have a Full-Time Officer with you in legal meetings or not, but you will be asked to consent to the lawyer consulting with the AEU NT regarding the progress of your case.

After this initial discussion and legal appraisal of your position, you may be able to apply for legal assistance at the expense of the union. The sum approved may not cover the full costs of a lawyer’s services, but you are free to apply for more at the AEU NT’s discretion.

This assistance is repayable to the AEU NT if your case is won and you receive a financial award. Your application is first considered by our Finance Committee and if approved, goes to our full Executive for endorsement.

Member benefits

Our lawyers also provide other benefits to members, such as free will consultation and production.

Legal assistance is not available to non-members who join after an issue has arisen, as this would be unfair to our existing members.

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