When a conflict arises in the workplace, it’s often difficult to know who to turn to for help.

Not sure who to turn to? Turn to us

We always initially suggest that you try to resolve issues by engaging in clear and honest communication with line managers and colleagues. Most conflicts can be handled successfully in this way.

Sometimes, members feel unable to approach line managers, or perceive that they are at the heart of the problem and this is where we can help. We can counsel you privately by phone or in person and then we decide together when and who to approach in order to find an acceptable resolution. You are in charge of this process at all times and we will not disclose information if you do not wish us to.

Our approach is always to work with all parties involved, rather than seeking to blame an individual or group. Providing all parties wish to achieve a positive outcome, then this can normally be achieved.

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Always remember that you are entitled to have a support person present in any meeting, even if your line manager says there is no need. Your support person may be your union representative or someone else with whom you feel comfortable. The matter does not have to industrial for you to choose an AEU support person.

We have a trained mediator on staff who is able to facilitate meetings where appropriate and possible, though external agencies may be involved to do this.

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