A new way of keeping you informed

In the past 12 months, the AEU NT Branch has worked very assiduously to improve our communication with our members, the media and the wider public. We have put significant effort into expanding our social media presence and are also relaunching our print-based journal the Territory Educator, which will be delivered to workplaces before the end of the month.

Our main strategy has been to design a new website and ensure it is updated every week during the school term with new and engaging content. We link to these posts through our Facebook Page but we know not everyone is on Facebook.

Our new monthly digest newsletter

Everyone who subscribes to updates on our website will receive an email on the first Monday of every month with a digest of all the new content that has appeared on the AEU NT website in the previous month.

We have added all current members to this subscription list. We know you’re very busy but we want to keep you updated as well. If you do not wish to receive the digest, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link in the email newsletter. Members will still receive all one-off important emails such as reminders of key dates and events, and information on nominating for various positions.

The new website is still very much a work in progress. In coming months we will launch an advice section to answer many of the common questions that arise at work – things like:

  • leave entitlements
  • workers compensation
  • and remote entitlements.

We’d love your feedback on the website as well as any ideas on articles and content you’d like to see.

Thanks for your interest and support.