Advocacy Services

We are committed to ongoing advocacy for our members and profession both collectively and individually.

Advocacy Actions

We meet regularly with representatives of the Department of Education (DoE), including the Chief Executive and Workforce Services representatives (formerly HR – Human Resources). The Education Consultative Committee with representatives from DoE, the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment (OCPE) and other unions meets regularly throughout the year.

Common Topics

In these meetings we discuss systemic trends and issues as well as individual member matters including topics such as:
  • The attendance-based funding model
  • Chronic workloads
  • Deficits in budgets and lack of support for teachers
  • The status of Indigenous education
  • Government Employee Housing and associated issues
  • Workplace Health and Safety: duty of care; flexible work arrangements; teacher attraction and retention

We also fight to retain workplace conditions members have won for past enterprise agreements.

A Secure Voice

The AEU is more than an industrial body dealing only with laws, by-laws and agreements. We ensure that teachers and educators are heard on the professional issues affecting members at work, through our involvement and representation at a territory and federal level in a range of organisations.

All teachers working in the Northern Territory must be registered with the Teacher Registration Board (TRB). The AEU has two nominees on the Board, ensuring teacher representation in Board deliberations on matters such as professional standards, conduct and registration requirements.

AEU officers meet and discuss issues regularly with the Director of the Board and TRB staff to address any registration-related concerns affecting our members. As there is no requirement for the TRB to notify us of disciplinary proceedings that arise for members, it is a member responsibility to contact us for support and advice as needed.

Additionally, in some circumstances the AEU is able to provide support to members who are the subject of disciplinary and conduct investigations carried out by the TRB, which has the power to revoke, or impose restrictions on, a teacher’s registration. We can also assist where a member is having difficulty in having their registration recognised, renewed or transferred.

Members in each workplace form a sub-branch. Sub-branches elect annually the offices of president/sub-branch representative and, depending on membership numbers, also a vice-president and secretary. Decisions and recommendations from sub-branches are forwarded to regional councils or the AEU NT Executive for further action.