Member Support

Access to advice, representation, and legal services for members across the Northern Territory.

Conflict Resolution

When a conflict arises in the workplace, it’s often difficult to know who to turn to for help

Not sure who to turn to?

Initially, every attempt should be made to resolve issues at the workplace level with colleagues, principals, and other line managers.

Engage in clear and honest communication. State the problem, its impact on you and propose a course of action or suggest a solution. Most conflicts can be handled successfully in this way.

Your sub-branch rep can also be your best go-to person. They can often help with info, guidance, or referral to the AEU NT office.

Sometimes, members feel unable to approach line managers, or perceive that they are at the heart of the problem. This is where we can help. We can support you privately by phone, in person or online and then we decide together when and who to approach to find an acceptable resolution. You are in charge of this process at all times, and we will only disclose information to others involved with your express consent.

In instances where members seeking support are in direct conflict with each other we will ensure that you are each allocated a different officer. For example, you are a school principal in need of advice around how to handle a situation with an employee and the employee has also sought advice from the union.

Our approach is always to work with all parties involved, rather than seeking to blame an individual or group. If all parties wish to achieve a positive outcome, then this can normally be achieved.

We're here to help

Always remember that you are entitled to have a support person present in any meeting, even if your line manager says there is no need. Your support person may be your sub-branch rep or someone else with whom you feel comfortable such as a colleague, friend, or family member. The matter does not have to be industrial in nature for you to choose an AEU support person.

Guidance & Resources

Modernised guidance to all the NT public service (NTPS) on the role of a support person was finalised in 2021.

Financial union members can ask for a referral to access an initial free consultation with a trained legal practitioner who can appraise the situation and suggest possible courses of action. This interview usually takes place with the lawyer directly.

Accessing representation and financial assistance

Whether or not you choose to have a Full-Time Officer with you in legal meetings, you will be asked to consent to the lawyer consulting with the AEU NT regarding the progress of your case.

Following initial discussion and legal appraisal of your position, you may choose to apply for further legal assistance at the expense of the union. This is not guaranteed, and any sum approved may not cover the full legal cost, but you are free to apply for more with the decision being at the discretion of the AEU NT Branch Executive.

Your application is first considered by the Branch Secretary and Finance Committee. If approved, their recommendation goes to our full Branch Executive for endorsement.

This assistance may be repayable to the AEU NT if your case is won, and you receive a financial award.

Please note that funded legal assistance is usually only accessible for matters that are directly work-related. However, where a formal arrangement with a law firm is in place, members may access services on non-employment matters at a discounted rate where available.

Contact our office to discuss your referral and any subsequent application for funded support.

Member Benefits

In addition to advice, advocacy, support and solidarity within our member structures, AEU NT partners and sponsors offer additional benefits.

Save on Novated Leasing with Fleet Network

Access exclusive discounts on your next vehicle with major partner Fleet Network. Local Business Development Manager Zane Ryan promotes their service and educates clients about salary packaging across the Northern Territory and regularly joins our team for school visits. We thank Fleet Network for their support of these visits and for the regular, significant contributions to our annual branch conference.

Fleet Network logo with tagline 'Lease Package Save'
Zane Ryan pictured with Jingili Primary School sub-branch
Zane Ryan pictured with Jingili Primary School sub-branch

Apply for a Referral to Hall Payne Lawyers

Hall Payne Lawyers are the AEU NT’s preferred legal service providers. Apply for a referral today to access expert advice on a range of legal issues. AEU NT members are eligible for a free initial consultation and can apply to our Branch Executive for further professional legal support.

Hall Payne Lawyers logo with HPL acronym.

Save with Union Shopper

Need to tighten your financial belt? Union Shopper is a 100% union-owned organisation that utilises the collective bargaining power of unions across Australia to provide great benefits and savings to members and their families. Major products and services include electrical & whitegoods, computers, cameras & office equipment, travel & accommodation, movie tickets and more.  Visit or phone 1300 368 117.

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Teachers Health: for teachers, not profit

Teachers Health was established by the NSW Teachers Federation in 1954 to provide cost-effective health insurance for members of the Australian education industry. Teachers Health membership has grown to cover more than 400,000 individuals, creating the largest industry-based fund in Australia. We are grateful to Teachers Health for their regular sponsorship of our members to join others from across the country at the New Educators’ Network (NEN) Conference.

Teachers Health 70th anniversary logo with heart and pin.

Australian Super

As Australia’s largest superannuation fund, Australian Super helps members achieve their best financial position in retirement.

AustralianSuper logo, industry super fund.