AEU NT Guide to Personal Leave

How much paid personal leave do I have?

All permanent full time teachers are entitled to 15 days of paid personal leave at the commencement of service. Personal leave is re-credited annually on the anniversary of your commencement date. Personal leave is to be used when you are sick or caring for an immediate family member. Personal leave is cumulative but cannot be cashed out when you resign or retire. 

Do I need a medical certificate?

Employees may take a maximum 5 days of paid personal leave in any 12 month period without a medical certificate so long as no more than three of these days is consecutive. In remote areas where access to a doctor is limited, a statutory declaration can be used as an alternative. While sometimes it is not possible to obtain a medical certificate, the AEU recommends that whenever you visit a doctor for any absence you obtain a medical certificate. 

What if I work part time?

Part time employees accrue benefits on a pro rata basis in accordance with your workload.

What if I am on a contract?

Temporary (contract, or fixed term) teachers have the same conditions as permanent teachers but accrue personal leave differently. In 2018 improvements were made in the Enterprise Agreement so that contract teachers are now credited with five days personal leave at the commencement of service. Leave is then accrued at a rate of up to one week for each period of two months, provided that the total leave does not exceed three weeks within the first 12 months. 

What if I am a casual or relief teacher?

Casual teachers are not entitled to paid personal leave.

How do I access my paid personal leave?

Employees can enter leave and check their leave balances by logging into myHR. Additionally you will be expected to let your manager know that you will be absent as soon as reasonably practicable. This is usually via a phone call or text message to your AP or Senior Teacher. You may also request personal leave be accessed at half pay.

What if I have used all my paid personal leave?

If you have exhausted your paid personal leave entitlements, you can access additional unpaid leave. You must still provide unfit for work medical certificates (to ensure you are not questioned about being AWOL).

Do I have to leave work for students if I’m sick?

In some cases you may be pressured to provide work for students whilst sick. It is standard to ask teachers to leave an up-to-date program and/or daybook in their classroom so that a replacement teacher has some guidance as to what lessons to provide for students. However, beyond this if you are absent due to illness or injury you cannot be compelled to produce work.

What if I am sick during recreation or long service leave?

Subject to adequate notice and documentary requirements, if you are sick during a period of recreation or long service leave, you should be able to have these recredited. If your leave was already approved on half pay, personal leave is also taken on half pay.

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Guide in a Nutshell

  1. You are entitled to 15 days personal leave per year
  2. Find the contact person at your school to call when you are unwell and let them know as soon as possible
  3. Make sure that you enter your leave on MyHR

Guide in a Nutshell

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