AEU NT Branch and AEU Federal Election Ballots

AEU NT Branch and Federal Election Ballots
Keep an eye out for your postal ballot coming soon! If you have joined up since 24/7/23 you are not eligible to vote in these elections. We strongly encourage all eligible members to vote. These elections are run by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Ballot dates
Open for both elections: 13/9/23
Closes for AEU NT (E2023/74): 11/10/23
Closes for AEU Federal (E2023/46): 25/10/23

NOTE: ballots must be received by AEC by 9.30am (10.00am AEDT) on ballot closing dates. Please post your ballot asap to ensure timely arrival.

What if I think my ballot will go to the wrong address?
Any changed address details can be updated. Your name must already be on the electoral roll for this to work.

Call the AEC on 03 92857 111
Provide a verbal declaration that you have not yet voted in either election.
Provide updated postal details and the AEC will send you a new ballot.
Shoot us a quick email with your address so we can update our system too – the AEC cannot share this information with us.

What if I have been left off the electoral roll in error?
Anyone not included on original roll in error, but eligible at close of roll date can be added.

Contact [email protected]
Provide your current postal address so we can cross-check your record.
Ask to be added to the electoral roll.
The office will add you to the roll.
The AEC will send you a ballot.

What if I have received a ballot in error and need to be removed from the roll?
Anyone who has ceased to be a member can be removed from the roll.

Contact [email protected]
We will confirm that you are ineligible to vote in this election.
Ask to be removed from the electoral roll.
The office will ask the AEC to remove you from the electoral roll.