AEU NT Election Candidate Statement Regulations

AEU NT Elections 2023 – Candidate Statement Regulations


1. The following regulations have been approved by the Branch Executive. They are in accordance with AEU NT Branch Rules 105A and 108-110. These regulations shall be binding on all members of the union.

2. These regulations shall be circulated to all candidates and published on the AEU NT website. The Branch Office shall supply a copy to any member on request.


3. Once the nominations process is finalised, a request for Candidates to supply a statement supporting their candidacy will be made at least one week before the expected arrival of ballot papers with members. Candidates will be given SEVEN (7) days in which to respond.

4. Candidates may submit a statement for each position for which they are standing. Candidates standing for more than one position who wish to use the same statement for each position must clearly state that this is the case. Candidates submitting a different statement for each of the posts they are standing for must clearly indicate which statement is for which post.

5. Each election statement, which must consist of text only, must not exceed 250 words in total. This includes biographical information. If the 250 word limit is exceeded, only the first 250 words will be printed. Candidates’ election addresses will be reproduced as specified below:

Bullet points are excluded from the word count;

Numbers, initials and dates count as words. So “$2,000”, “AEU”, “2017” all count as one word;

Hyphenated words count as one word – so “ex-TWU” counts as one;

With the exception of abbreviations, the Branch Office will convert text all in capital letters into normal upper and lower case.

Any italics and underlining will be converted to bold text by the Branch Office.

6. In addition to any election statement, the following factual details will be printed. This will not count towards the 250 words limit. FIRST NAME, SURNAME, GENDER and SUB-BRANCH NAME will be added to the compendium of statements.

Candidates should ensure their details are correctly recorded in the AEU NT’s membership database.

7. Candidates may provide a passport sized photograph of themselves to the Branch Office, as a JPG or PNG attachment to an email to [email protected],au for publication. The photograph must have been taken in the last twelve months. A photograph used for a previous election will not be accepted. No alterations will be made other than sizing of those received to be all the same.

8. Photographs must be received by the Branch Office attached to an email via [email protected] by no later than 5.00pm ACST on Monday 28 August 2023.

9. Election statements must be received by the Branch Office by no later than 5.00pm ACST on Monday 28 August 2023. Election statements must be provided electronically and sent as a word document attached to an email to [email protected].

10. Candidates should ensure that their statement(s) have been proofread carefully and are correct before submitting as replacement/amended copies will not be accepted.

11. Submissions will be acknowledged within one working day. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within this time you must contact the Branch Office on 08 8948 5399.

12. It is the responsibility of the nominee to submit within the deadline. Election statements and photographs received after 5.00pm ACST on Monday 28 August 2023 shall not be accepted.

13. The Branch Office may require any candidate to verify that the statement and/or photo submitted is theirs.

14. Each candidate is responsible for ensuring that their statement contains no libellous material. The AEU NT retains the right to refuse to have published any part of a candidate’s election statement which, after receiving legal advice, may be libellous or provide grounds for any legal proceedings against the union


15. No information derived from the union’s membership or other databases (i.e. any mailing lists derived from it) comprising names and/or addresses of members of the union shall be used by any candidate or by a candidate’s supporters.


16. Ballots for elections to positions specified in the AEU Rules are typically conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). Candidates and members must observe the deadlines and requests made by the AEC in connection with these elections.


17. Any complaint as to the alleged breach of these regulations shall be made in writing to the Branch Secretary and should be received no less than 24 hours from the closing period for the supply of election statements. If the Branch Secretary considers that the regulations have been breached, they will decide what action, if any, be taken. The Branch Secretary’s decision shall be final and binding on all members. The Branch Secretary shall publish the decision, together with the reasons for it, and make it available to Branch Executive and members.