“Bonuses” are a sugar hit not a balanced meal – vote NO to NTPS General Agreement offer

The NT Government is trying to dress up a pig with lipstick.

The offer of a 4-year pay freeze for NTPS General Agreement employees has been sweetened with a promise of $10,000 in “bonuses”.

But beware the sugar hit of one-off bonuses that don’t lift your base pay. You will pay a big price in agreeing to a four-year pay freeze, and we’ve produced modelling showing how much worse off you’ll be compared to a situation where your union is able to negotiate base pay increases.

President Jarvis Ryan explains some of the problems in this video and urges you to look at the union’s calculation before you vote on this offer. 

Download our modelling spreadsheet and see for yourself

We urge you to vote NO to the offer for a new General Agreement and send a strong message to the Gunner Government that you want pay increases, not a pay FREEZE with one-off payments.