Branch election: Katherine Executive Councillor

Nominations are open from Wednesday 7 February until Monday 12 March to fill a vacancy on the AEU Branch Executive for the position of Executive Councillor representing the Katherine Region. Only financial members of the Katherine Region are eligible to nominate for this position. 

Nominations must be in writing, comply with AEU Rules and be lodged with the AEC Returning Officer (not the AEU). Candidates must fill out and submit the nomination form below, ensuring they are nominated by at least two financial members of the Branch. 

The successful candidate will take office immediately upon the declaration of the election. The term of office concludes in January 2020. 

The role of Regional Executive Councillors is to represent, report and be responsible to members of their respective regions. Executive Councillors attend meetings of the AEU NT’s Branch Executive. The position is honorary (unpaid), however the costs of participating in these meetings will be met by the AEU and we will arrange for your release from employment to attend.

Should you be interested in nominating for the position or would like more information about what the role entails, contact the Branch Secretary, Adam Lampe, on 08 8948 5399.

Download the Election Notice and Nomination Form