Branch elections: AEU NT Branch Executive

Nominations are open from Monday 7 August until 5pm (AEST) Wednesday 6 September for various positions on the AEU NT’s Branch Executive. Nominations must be in writing, comply with AEU Rules and be lodged with the AEC Returning Officer (not the AEU).

The Branch Executive is the AEU NT’s governing body when the annual Branch Conference is not in session. It meets at least six times per year and manages the union’s finances, endorses policies and actions, and guides the actions of the union between Conferences.

Members of Executive are asked to attend at least six meetings of Branch Executive each year, as well as Branch Conference. Release from ordinary duties is arranged and, although these positions are unpaid, all costs associated with carrying out the duties of the role are met by the union.

Regional Councillors

Each region of the AEU NT Branch elects one regional counclllor to Executive for every 200 members or part thereof. The number of positions to be elected from each region are as follows: Alice Springs (2), Arnhem (2), Barkly (1), Darwin (3), Katherine (2), Palmerston and Rural (2).  

Regional Councillors’ role on Executive is to represent, report and be responsible to members in their region. These positions are elected for a two-year term commencing in January 2018 and concluding in January 2020.

To nominate for a Regional Councillor position you must be a financial member of the region you wish to represent. 

Branch Officers

There are casual vacancies for three Officer positions: Vice-President (TAFE), Treasurer and Women’s Officer. The successful nominees’ term of office will commence office immediately upon declaration of the election result and conclude in January 2019.

The Officers’ responsibilities are defined in the Branch Rules as well as by policy and custom and practice.

Vice-President (TAFE)
The Branch Rules state that, “The duties of the Vice-President (General) and the Vice-President (TAFE) shall be to assist the Branch President at all meetings of Branch Conference and the Branch Executive and in the absence of the President, the Vice-President (General) or the Vice-President (TAFE) shall occupy the chair and conduct the business and perform all the duties of the Branch President.”

By convention, the Vice-Presidents act as additional spokespersons for the Branch who assist the President and Secretary as required. The VP TAFE is elected by and from members of the TAFE division (CDU and BIITE members).

The Branch Rules state that, “The Treasurer shall:
(a) ensure that a detailed account of all money transactions is maintained, have charge and custody of all monies belonging to the Branch, and ensure that all monies received are promptly deposited to the credit of the Branch’s bank account;
(b) attend all meetings of Branch Conference and the Branch Executive and be prepared at all times when required by Conference or the Branch Executive to give a statement of the Branch’s current account; and
(c) oversee all payments on behalf of and receive all moneys due and owing to the Branch.”

As the Treasurer is an honorary position, his or her duties are typically carried out in conjunction with the Branch Secretary and the union’s staff. Per AEU policy, the Treasurer is the chair of the Executive Finance Committee and assists with the preparation of the union’s annual budget.

Women’s Officer
The Branch Rules state that, “The Women’s Officer shall:
(a) monitor and promote policies which have specific relevance to women and girls;
(b) liaise with relevant groups both within and outside the Union;
(c) provide advice on women’s issues; and
(d) carry out such other duties as may be determined by Branch Conference or the Branch Executive.”

The Women’s Officer must be a female but may be nominated by any financial member and is elected by all members of the Branch. She will typically attend national meetings at least twice a year to co-ordinate the union’s policies and actions on issues affecting women.

How to nominate

Should you be interested in nominating for one of the positions and would like more information about what the role entails, contact the Branch Secretary, Adam Lampe, on 08 8948 5399.

Candidates for the position must fill out and submit the attached nomination form below.

More information

Download the election notice and nomination form.