FAQs on Friday’s strike action

When is it happening?
This Friday, 19 August. It starts at 9:00am and finishes at 1:00pm.

Why this time, and why are only Darwin & Palmerston worksites striking?
We want to send a clear message to parents that members are not striking to take time off work or ‘to have a long weekend’. Four hours is the minimum time allowed by the Fair Work Act for a strike action. Striking the day before the Fannie Bay by-election will impress upon the Government that there are serious consequences for refusing to negotiate a reasonable pay settlement with the AEU NT. Members in Darwin & Palmerston will have the best opportunity to do that on Friday.

What are the protocols for the strike action?
The protocol for the strike on Friday is the same for all participating members. You should arrive at your workplace as normal and then sign out at 9:00am. Participants must be back at work at 1:00pm ensuring to sign in on return.

Members do not have to communicate their intentions to their Principal/Manager before taking strike action (though you can if you want to). All you need to do is sign out and sign back in at the appropriate time.

If members are asked to enter ‘strike’ leave in myHR, you should do so only after participating in the strike. AEU NT members do not need the employer’s approval to take strike action.

Will I get paid for the period of the strike action?
No. You will lose four hours’ pay.

Can I take two hours’ (for example) strike action and go back to work early?
Yes, but you will still lose four hours’ pay.

Do I have to participate in any planned Union activities during the strike?
No, but it would be helpful if as many members as possible participate in the planned short meeting at Parap Village as a show of strength.

Can support staff and school council AEU NT members join in the strike?
No. Only AEU NT members who are covered by the Northern Territory Public Sector Teachers and Assistant Teachers’ 2017-2021 Enterprise Agreement are allowed to strike.

Can a non-Union member strike?
No. However, as long as you have completed and submitted a membership application before the strike, you can participate. Members should encourage non-members to sign up.

Will I get into trouble if I go out on strike?
No. It is illegal for an employer to try to influence or place any undue pressure on a union member engaging in or planning to engage in protected industrial action, or to admonish or punish them for doing so. Any such employer behaviour should be reported to the AEU NT Office.