Member Bulletin 2/2024 (April)

In this bulletin:

Enterprise Bargaining Update
Recent Announcements: School Funding and Secondary Review
Union Shopper – mid April launch
2024 Branch Conference
Employee Exit Survey
AEU Federal office – State of our Schools 2024 survey
TRB AEU NT nominees – remote teachers needed

Enterprise Bargaining Update
Our EB meetings which started in February have been productive and positive, involving detailed drafting to introduce and amend clauses within the Public Sector Non Contract Principals, Teachers and Assistant Teachers’ 2021 – 2024 Agreement. Please be aware that we are still in the early – mid stages of these negotiations and it is commonly the case and in the interests of both sides to deal with the easier issues first, leaving the more contentious and weightier issues until the end. It is great to be working with an enlarged bargaining team in this round; enabling the OCPE and the Department to hear the voices of members who formerly were not able to participate face to face.

A big shout out to those of you who took the time to share your experiences with us for our EB survey and held sub branch meetings to discuss the Log of Claims; your combined feedback and anecdotal stories have proved to be powerful evidence to share with the OCPE and the Department as we work through the finalised Log of Claims with them on your behalf.

Recent Announcements: School Funding and Secondary Review
In early March the NT and Federal Governments signed a “statement of intent” to bring Northern Territory Government school funding up to 100% of the SRS by 2029. This will involve a billion-dollar funding package with the Commonwealth picking up the lion’s share of the SRS gap. This is a huge win for our union. Well done to all of the members who have campaigned tirelessly over the past decade!

The other major news coming out of the Department of Education this term has been the release of the findings of their Review into Secondary Education. The comprehensive report contains 22 findings and 15 recommendations on the future of Secondary Provision in the NT. Many of these closely resemble the positions of the AEU (put forward in our submission last year). The Department have committed to working closely with the us as they move towards consultation and implementation.

We will provide comprehensive reports to members on both of these announcements early next term, but we would like to highlight the following commitments we have received from the Department:

There WILL be a shift to enrolment-based funding with an increase to ALL school budgets in 2025.
There WILL NOT be any changes to the provision of Secondary Education in the 2025 school year.

2024 Branch Conference – “Just let us teach!”
The 2024 AEU NT Branch Conference will be held on May 4 – 5 at Novotel Darwin Airport Resort. This is an unparalleled platform for us to network and discuss issues that matter most with like-minded member colleagues. Thanks so much to all of you who have registered as delegates, proxies and observers; currently we have some ninety delegates attending over the two days.

Subbranch members are also to be commended for the professionally written and well considered motions they have submitted for Conference. Many are unique and will doubtless lead to some quality debate! A draft list of motions and a draft agenda can both be found on our website.

Union Shopper – one of the additional benefits available to you as a member of the AEU NT
A 100% union owned organisation, Union Shopper utilises the collective power of unions across Australia to provide great benefits and savings to members and their families such as discounted gift cards, wine, electrical. travel, entertainment, finance and computers with members enjoying unlimited use of these discounts and services. To maximise savings on electrical and white goods, use Union Shopper’s Personal Shopper Service or create an online account where you’ll have access to commercial pricing from The Good Guys Commercial and JB Hi-Fi Business. Members purchasing through this platform typically save an average of 26% off the ticketed price. Check out details of how to access this new benefit on our AEU NT website in a couple of weeks.

Employee Exit Survey
Should you be considering leaving NTG, Workforce Services has set up an Exit Survey to gather meaningful feedback from departing employees. It can be completed anonymously or also with disclosure of personal information. If the latter option is chosen, you can be reassured that DCDD’s use of your personal information is handled in accordance with NT’s privacy laws and the Information Act 2002.

AEU Federal office – ‘State of our Schools’ survey: let’s get to feedback from 15,000 members!
So far, 142 NT based Support Staff, Teacher and Principal AEU members have taken the opportunity to share nationally what they think and what they are experiencing in their schools by completing this survey. They are also now in the draw to win a new iPad Pro.Join them by taking 10 minutes to let us hear your thoughts by using the link State of our Schools 2024 survey. or paste this link into your browser to complete the survey by Wednesday, April 10.

TRB AEU NT nominees needed – call out to remote teachers

The TRB is seeking three remote teacher nominees to be put forward by the AEU NT for one person to be chosen by the Administrator of the NT for a four-year term of office serving on the NT TRB from 11/10/2024 until 10/10/2028.

To help you decide whether this opportunity is for you please consider the following information from the TRB:
The Board holds 9 meetings per year, with 5 of those meetings being held as all day meetings in Darwin, the remainder held via Microsoft Teams outside of school hours.
• On occasion, Board members are required to consider matters at short notice and outside of scheduled meeting times.
• Approximately 1-5 hours of preparation and reading time may be required prior to each Board meeting.
• The office of the Board arranges travel and accommodation for Board members who reside outside of Darwin to attend Board meetings.
• The office of the Board reimburses expenses incurred by schools when engaging a relief teacher to cover for a teacher who is attending a Board meeting.

If you would like to be a nominee, please complete this form and send it to [email protected] with ‘TRB nominee’ in the subject line by COB Monday, 22 April 2024 .

Help us to Build Union Power

We have had some massive wins lately, but we are only as strong as our membership. If you have a colleague who is not yet a member – please consider sharing some of the great things we have been able to accomplish and ask them to join the fight at