Nominations open for Branch Secretary casual vacancy

Nominations open today (4 April 2017) to fill a casual vacancy for the position of the AEU NT Branch Secretary. The successful candidate’s term of office will be until the end of the Secretary’s current term of office (January 2020).

Any current financial member may nominate for this position. Nominations close at 5pm on Thursday 4 May. Nominees must fill out the attached form endorsed by at least two financial members and lodge the form via email, fax, post or in person to the Australian Electoral Commission. If more than one nomination is received, an election will be conducted via postal ballot, opening on Tuesday 23 May and closing at 5pm on Thursday 22 June.

A role summary for the Secretary is provided below. If you would like additional information about the position, contact our office on 08 8948 5399 or via email: [email protected].

Role summary: Branch Secretary
The Branch Secretary is elected by the Branch’s financial membership and is a member of the Branch Executive, the AEU NT’s governing body when the annual Branch Conference is not in session. Executive meets at least six times per year and manages the union’s finances, endorses policies and actions, and guides the actions of the union between Conferences.

By convention, the Branch Secretary is a full-time officer who works from the union’s Darwin office and, along with the Branch President, manages the day-to-day affairs of the union and acts as its chief spokesperson.

This is a wide-ranging role that involves travelling to all parts of the Territory to meet with members, politicians, government officials and others. The Secretary acts an advocate for the interests of the union as a whole, as well as handling matters concerning individual members.

Among other things, the Secretary manages the Branch’s office, including its finances (in conjunction with the Treasurer), approves membership applications and resignations, maintains records as appropriate, organises meetings of Branch Executive and Branch Conference, is the signatory to industrial agreements such as Enterprise Agreements, and co-ordinates the provision of legal assistance to members. In legal terms, the Secretary is the equivalent of a Public Officer.

Commencing in the role
In most circumstances, leave without pay will be approved for NT Public Sector employees to undertake work as a union official. As this is a casual vacancy, the successful candidate would commence in the role of Secretary immediately, however the commencement date as a full-time union officer may need to be negotiated with the employer.

Secretary Casual Vacancy nomination form
AEU NT Branch Rules