Remote teacher nominee sought for TRB

The AEU NT has been asked to nominate a replacement candidate to fill a casual vacancy on the Teacher Registration Board for a teacher working in a remote school. Although this is a normally a four-year appointment, in this case the term of appointment will cover the remainder of the vacated term, expiring on 10 October 2020.

The Board is an independent body whose functions are governed by the Teacher Registration Act. It is charged with tasks such as registering teachers, or granting authorisation to an employer to employ an unregistered person as a teacher; liaising with providers of teacher education and professional development in the Northern Territory; and supporting the development of appropriate teacher education courses. It is made up of 12 representatives nominated by key stakeholder organisations.

The AEU NT invites applications from registered teacher members (including in promotional positions) working in a remote school. These must be submitted by Monday 8 April, 2019 to [email protected] with “TRB expression of interest” in the subject line. In your email include:

  • A brief career history
  • A brief summary of your membership and involvement in the AEU NT and/or other unions
  • The reasons you are interested in sitting on the Board

Those considering applying should be aware of the following in relation to the commitment required of Board members:

  • The Board holds nine (9) meetings per year with five of those meetings being held in Darwin and the remainder held by Skype outside of school hours.
  • On occasion Board members are required to consider matters at short notice outside of scheduled meeting times.
  • Approximately 1-3 hours of preparation and reading time may be required prior to meetings.
  • Travel and accommodation for Board members attending meetings from outside of Darwin are arranged by the office of the Board.
  • The Board reimburses expenses incurred by schools when engaging a relief teacher to cover for a teacher who is attending a Board meeting.

If you submit an expression of interest we will advise you by Friday 12 April whether it has been endorsed by the AEU NT. In accordance with the Teacher Registration Act, the Director of the Board has asked us to provide the name of at least three nominees for consideration, meaning that even if your application is endorsed by the AEU, you may not be the successful candidate as names are submitted to the Minister for Education for approval. Furthermore, although the successful candidate is endorsed by the AEU, once admitted to the Board that person is an independent member of the Board.

For more information, contact the Branch President, Jarvis Ryan, on (08) 8948 5399.