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Canberra farce continues

Although we have a new Prime Minister, when it comes to education funding, nothing’s changed, writes Branch President Jarvis Ryan.

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Health and Wellbeing Survey shows that principals are still doing it tough

The latest survey on principal health show that excessive workloads and expectations remain a significant issue.

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Federal cuts will magnify existing disadvantage for rural, regional and remote public schools

MEDIA RELEASE: Federal cuts will magnify existing disadvantage for rural, regional and remote public schools, submission finds.

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Suspension list stigmatises public schools

​The NT News has published data showing the number of students suspended in NT public schools. We do not believe naming and shaming public schools ...

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Public schools depend on fundraising and teacher contributions for basics

​Australian public school teachers are regularly forced to dip into their own pockets for basic supplies, and schools are reliant on fundraising to provide essentials ...

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A chance to get school funding right

​The upcoming review of Global School Budgets should be used to overhaul the current model for funding Northern Territory public schools

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Have your say in AEU 2017 State of our Schools Survey

All school-based members are requested to participate in the AEU’s national State of our Schools Survey.

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Quality preschool at risk after 2017

Federal funding to ensure universal access to 15 hours of preschool is at risk. Support the AEU campaign to protect our preschools.

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Turnbull’s funding plan will favour private schools

If you thought Malcolm Turnbull had any commitment to needs-based funding for schools, think again. A new analysis by education funding expert, Dr Jim McMorrow, ...