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A more supportive stance on workplace meetings

New guidelines on the role of a support person negotiated by public sector unions promote greater procedural fairness in meetings between employees and management.

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The Teacher Responsibilities guide has teeth

A win for a member at the Fair Work Commission proves the value of a strong bargaining framework.

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Encouraging union activity is the new normal

There is no place to hide in the public sector for bosses who discourage union membership and activity.

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May Day Award

Matt Guy from Taminmin College is the 2020 May Day Award winner!

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More than just lip service

Consultation is not just a good idea, it’s a legal requirement in many work situations, as Branch Secretary Adam Lampe explains

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4.21 and other myths of the schoolyard

What are my hours of work as a teacher? When can I go home for the day? Here is some advice on what your principal ...