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A tale of two systems: urban vs remote

The needs of students in remote communities have been neglected for too long. We can and must do better, writes Branch President Jarvis Ryan.

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Register now for 2020 Conference

Registrations are open until Friday 31 July to register as a delegate for our 2020 annual Conference in Darwin.

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Covid fallout will be nasty

Economic devastation from coronavirus will create pressure for wage and job cuts, making strong unions more important than ever, writes Jarvis Ryan.

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Job security: an essential item?

Job security in public education and VET is vital in the post-COVID NT economy, writes Adam Lampe.

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Direct Instruction: a failed intervention

John Guenther is a senior researcher at the Batchelor Institute who recently co-authored a paper in The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education evaluating the impact ...

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AO, AO it’s off to work we go

Industrial Officer Mick McCarthy explains conditions for school-based support staff

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Growing teachers on country

Life member Leon White along with colleague Kathy McMahon explain the history and purpose of the RATE program, following the NT Government’s announcement RATE will ...

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Canberra farce continues

Although we have a new Prime Minister, when it comes to education funding, nothing’s changed, writes Branch President Jarvis Ryan.

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A new dawn for education funding and policy in the NT

The AEU NT congratulates Michael Gunner and the Labor Party on a decisive election victory. ...